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The Boys Are Back In Town...

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A story based on real events.

Salma Game Reserve, Chad, North-Central Africa

When members of Sudan's RSF militia launch a violent raid

on the park, they leave death in their wake, including

the bodies of five park rangers. With the authorities

proving reluctant to pursue the attackers back across

the border, the small team of military advisors,

hired to train the ranger squads, takes up the chase.


Thomas Keel, Joseph Sekka, and freelance pilot, Crow,

are veterans of special forces operations around the

globe. Undaunted by the risk of a political fallout,

their pursuit of the killers is relentless and without mercy.


The trail leads from Africa to the UAE, and from there

to Thailand and, eventually, to Laos and a gambling

resort on the bank of the Mekong River, owned

and run by a reclusive Chinese billionaire, the leader

of an international criminal organization protected

by both Beijing and the Laos regime.


But to Keel and his team that's not a deterrent.

It's a challenge.


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