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Home from the war in America, Matthew Hawkwood’s return to Bow Street is marked by a summons to a burying ground and the corpse of a young woman, murdered and cast into an open grave.

At first, the death is deemed to be of little consequence but when Chief Magistrate James Read receives

a direct order from the Home Department to abandon the case, Hawkwood’s interest is piqued.

When Hawkwood’s hunt for the killer leads him from London’s squalid backstreets into the heart

of a government determined to protect its secrets at all costs, his one recourse is to turn to

his contacts within the criminal underworld for help.

As the truth behind the girl’s murder emerges, setting in motion a deadly chain of events,

Hawkwood learns the true meaning of loyalty and that this time the enemy is much

closer to home than he ever imagined…





'Hawkwood - the 1800s' version of Jack Reacher.'

Avdrdr Amazon.com


'A gripping historical thriller.'

The Guardian 


'Balancing moments of poignancy with swashbuckling action,

historical interest, powerful suspense and wry wit,

McGee delivers all the delights of a classic adventure story.'

Publishers Weekly


'A darkly attractive hero, terrific period atmosphere and action!'

The Times


'Irresistible…rambunctious entertainment.'


'Fast paced , this gripping tale rivals Eliot Pattison’s Bone Rattler series and
Cooper’s Leatherstocking Tales.


James McGee Hawkwood
James McGee Rebellion

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