• James McGee


Sadly, Terry lost his very brave battle against Alzheimer's. I had occasion to meet and chat with him when I was a book store manager and he visited the shop to do a signing. He was brilliant with his fans who’d queued around the block to secure a signed copy of his latest Discworld novel.

Definitely a one-off and one of those writers who, like JK, got young people interested in reading. For that reason alone, we should all raise a glass.

From a bookseller’s point of view, he was always great entertainment but boy, did we have to be on our toes, because after signings he used to grade bookstores on how well he thought they’d done in arranging the event. Woe betide you if he felt you’d dipped below his very exacting standards!

RIP, Terry, and if you’re looking down, I apologize for never being able to find the right kind of chair. They never seemed to be the correct height for that damned desk. Didn’t stop you signing by the hundreds, though..!