• James McGee

It's not me, it's the other guy..!

This is a goody. There I was, surfing the Interweb thingy when I came across what I thought was my name on a Simon & Schuster website. Interesting, I thought. Was this something my editor at HarperCollins had forgotten to tell me? So I took a look and came up with the page for the author James Mcgee.

All right, close but no cigar. I mean, what's a lower-case difference between friends? Until I took a look below the name at the jacket illustration for the book Main Justice, co-written by one Jim McGee and Brian Duffy. Is it just me or does anyone else (such as the real Jim McGee, for instance) think it more than a mite worrying that a leading publisher can't even get right the name of one of its own authors? I have no idea if Jim is still with us - he has a page on Good Reads - but if anyone knows where he is or he ends up reading this, I reckon he should get in touch with S&S pronto and tell them to get their act together. Just saying...