• James McGee

Has Simon & Schuster gone belly up? The world needs to know...

The saga continues...

Still no word from the book world's most elusive publishing house. Perhaps the lunatics really have taken over the asylum...

This is the follow up e-mail to my follow up e-mail. As you can tell from the added text, their profound lack of response is now officially starting to piss me off....

This was sent by me a week ago (Italics denotes new text):


Earth calling Simon & Schuster...!!!!!! Anyone awake over there..? Still waiting.... Maybe someone actually bothers to read these e-mails.

Good morning...anyone...?

(Some of the following text is cut and pasted from my previous messages because I couldn't be arsed to re-write the entire message again).

For the fourth time, I would like to point out a huge, friggin', fundamental error on your website: simonandschuster.com

Page URL:http://authors.simonandschuster.com/James-Mcgee/9702

I came upon the error a few weeks ago and have e-mailed both you and your UK division in the forlorn hope that someone might bother to respond.

The URL above refers to your site page referencing your author James Mcgee (your spelling).

First point: your author's surname is McGee. Spot the difference? Upper Case 'G' anyone..?

If that isn't bad enough, his correct name is actually on the illustration of the book jacket shown below, 'Main Justice', co-written by Brian Duffy.

It's Jim McGee. Not James McGee.

It's a trifle worrying when you can't even spell the name of your own author.

Could you do me a favour and address the cock up and amend the page to reflect the correct information?

I came across the page from the Google link:

James Mcgee | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

That intrigued me so I took a look out of curiosity.

I know this comes across as a rant - which it is - but it could be confusing to readers who are searching for either me or Jim McGee.

Bad enough that we both have to compete with that damned tennis player..!

Thanks for your assistance...that's if someone could be bothered to get off their ass and respond to this message.

When you have a page titled 'CONTACT US', the least we expect is that we actually can do that.


Yours frustratingly...yet again,

James McGee (HarperCollins author)