• James McGee

Nobody tells me anything...

All right, I confess: every so often I’ll check out Google to see if my latest offering has received any reviews.

So I zapped in McGee+Blooding+Review and hit ‘Enter’.

Usually there’s bugger all there, but on this occasion, there were two very nice reviews from Kirkus and Publishers Weekly in the US. The novel’s due out there in July so I’m guessing my US publisher, Pegasus, wanted to get in early on the act. Anyway, a very positive start, so whoopee!

And then I spotted the link: Endeavour Historical – The Crime Writers' Association.

Interesting, I thought. Why would that have come up? Being nosey, I left clicked and came up with the CWA’s Endeavour Historical Dagger Award page.

The award is given for ‘the best historical crime novel, first published in the UK in English during the Judging Period, set in any period up to 35 years prior to the year in which the award will be made…’

To my total astonishment, halfway down the page was The Blooding by James McGee.

Seems I was nominated, folks. There’s a turn up for the, er…books.

The Awards dinner is next month but, sadly, as I haven’t received an invite I can only assume that the submitted titles got whittled down to a short list, which The Blooding didn’t land on.

And not a word from either my agent or my editor.

Makes me wonder if I'm still on their Christmas card list.

Ah. well....