• James McGee

The lights are on at Simon & Schuster. There was somebody home...!

For anyone who's been vaguely interested in my on-going correspondence with Simon & Schuster and for the rest of you who couldn’t give a stuff, there has been a development.

In the forlorn hope that progress had been made, I logged into Simon & Schuster’s US site and, to my amazement, found that they had affected an amendment and changed their author’s name from James Mcgee to the correct Jim McGee.

(The Google search engine still comes up with the link: James Mcgee | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster, mind you, which suggests their SEO settings need a minor adjustment, but one tiny step at a time, right?)

So it does look as if the e-mails got through. Well, I say that but in fact I’ve a sneaking suspicion it might have been my letter to Liz Perl, Simon & Schuster’s Senior Vice President - Marketing, that did the trick.

Not that I’ve heard back from her, or indeed from anyone at Simon & Schuster, for that matter, which makes me suspect there’s probably a photo of yours truly affixed to a dartboard in their staff room - or on the wall in Liz Perl’s opulent penthouse office with its view over New York’s Avenue of the Americas - that’s being used for weekly target practice.

That vision notwithstanding, I’m happy to report that my request was heard. Whether that involved dangling some minion by their ankles over the side of the building as punishment for implementing the error in the first place, I couldn’t say, but on behalf of all authors – especially Jim McGee - who’ve had to suffer the embarrassment of seeing their names wrongly inscribed, I’d like to say thanks for listening.

Now, if I can only get my own publisher, HarperCollins, to change that truly dreadful photo they have of me on their website, I’ll be halfway home.

Well, it’s only been ten months since I put in that request and sent them a replacement snapshot, but hey, who’s counting?

Now, where did I put that green biro..?