• James McGee

Well, if you can't help a pal...

Now I know what you're thinking: why on earth would he want to include this in his blog? It's a Sci-Fi movie, for Pete's sake.

Yes, well it's not just any old Sci-Fi movie. Robot Overlords is M & S Sci-Fi, as it's been co-written by a pal of mine, Mark Stay. Plus, I was stuck for something new to write and this seemed a good way to get round that knotty problem.

I know Mark from my bookselling days when he tried to flog me books for the publishers he repped for. Good times. We used to spend two hours discussing movies over coffee and about 15 minutes getting the ordering out of the way.

Taking a project from script to screen is a long and often painful process, especially when you've already got a full time job. How he combined the two occupations, I will never know. It takes me all my time to write a note for the milkman.

But God bless him, he persevered and the film's now out on DVD after a successful run on the big screen. It stars none other than Ben - er, sorry, Sir Ben - Kingsley and Gillian Anderson, fresh from her success in The Fall, followed by The Fall 2 and the soon to be produced The Fall 3, not to mention the upcoming new X-Files series (Yay!). You get the drift; these are people who need all the help they can get.

In fact, the reason I'm giving this a plug is to stop Mark pestering me to help support his wife and children.

Anyway, it gained a very respectable 3 star review in Empire magazine and the critic Kim Newman was very enthusiastic. So if you've any spare time why not nip out to HMV (other high street retailers are available) or log onto your favourite on-line rental outfit and put your name - and your cash - down and give it a whirl? It's a great family film; the kids'll love it!

I mean, just think of the advantages in watching from the comfort of your own armchair; no having to put up with all those morons in the cheap seats fiddling with their i-phones, crunching their popcorn, slurping their drinks, kicking the seat behind you, snarfing evil smelling hot dogs or chatting up a storm, telling everyone around them that they've already seen it and this is what happens next.

You can even press 'pause' if you fancy making a cuppa...not that you'd want to, though, as you'll be glued to the screen, right? Right?

How was that, Mark? OK..?

That's a tenner you owe me...