• James McGee

Worth a watch...December - oldies but definitely goodies...

It occurred to me when I snuck that Danny Kaye movie, The Court Jester, into the slideshow last month that in its heyday, back before the old king died, Hollywood really did turn out some cracking costume adventures. Every now and then a classic turns up on the small screen to remind us how much fun some of them are to watch, even now, decades after they first came out.

Stars don't really buckle their swashes in today's offerings, sadly, but back in the day - I'm not that old, honest - stars like Burt Lancaster, Stewart Granger and Errol Flynn ruled the roost. Other actors attempted to match them with varying degrees of success. Who can forget Tony Curtis in The Black Shield of Falworth, Robert Taylor in Ivanhoe, Tyrone Power in The Black Swan or, God preserve us, Alan Ladd in The Black Knight?

Ah, those were the days....and if only I had a pound for every time they stuck Black in the title..!

Oh, and for info, despite popular belief, at no time did Tony Curtis utter the line: 'Yonder lies the castle of my fodder.' It's one of those myths, I'm afraid; up there with Bogart who never did say: 'Play it again, Sam.'