• James McGee

Hastings...950 years on....

Nothing quite like celebrating /commiserating with the Brexit result than to remember a battle in which we were stuffed by the French. Salt in the wounds and all that....

Just had a gander at the Battle Abbey website and see that tickets to the events this weekend are sold out and that none are being made available on the day. Can you imagine what the parking's going to be like?

But having said that, the battle is re-enacted every year and if you haven't had a chance

to visit the abbey and watch the spectacle, you're missing a rare treat. I went a few years ago when I lived down in East Sussex and I remembered a few photos I'd taken at the time.

They might not be up to David Bailey's standard, but, hopefully, they'll give a small

taster of what you'll see if you take the trouble to make the trip. Not this year, unless you're one of the lucky ones but make a date on the calendar for 2017. You'll be glad you did.

For info, here's the link to the English Heritage website and their pages giving details of the abbey and battlefield.


Or click on any of the photos.