• James McGee


Back when The Blooding first came out – somewhere around the time the old king died, or so it seems now - I was approached by Suzanne (Suz) Fox, the founder of the on-line journal Society Nineteen who asked me to participate in a Q & A article for the journal’s website, which showcases the work of emerging as well as established writers in fiction and non-fiction.

See my blog entry: Sept 11th 2015

That went well - put it this way, there were no complaints as far as I know - and a short time later Suz wondered if I’d be interested in penning something for a proposed anthology in which various historical-fiction writers describe the journey from having the germ of an idea to the point the finished work hits the shelves.

Sounded like it could be fun and so I was more than happy to oblige. The result was a slightly less than reverent chapter on how The Blooding came into being.

Around forty authors contributed to the project and the book - Stories of Inspiration: Historical Fiction Edition, Volume 1 – has just been published.

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