• James McGee

You do wonder, don't you..?

An article in The Independent caught my eye today:

School bans To Kill a Mockingbird because it contains racial slurs

The ban took place in Accomack County, in the US state of Virginia and the temporary removal of the book from the classrooms and school libraries, pending a review, was in response to a parent claiming that the novel validated offensive words as acceptable. The parent felt that the book's use of the N-word was especially harmful.

Mark Twain​'s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn also fell foul of the offended parent, who suggested that a board made up of other parents and teachers from diverse cultural backgrounds should determine a list of books that were inclusive for all students.

She claimed her son couldn’t get past one page of the Twain classic that includes the N-word seven times. As one wag in the comments section of The Independent wrote:

Had he tried turning the page? Couldn't have put it better myself...