• James McGee

Update - Hawkwood VI...

Just had the word back from my editor who tells me she's happy with the amendments I made to the second draft of The Reckoning, which is a huge relief, I don't mind telling you. Honestly, I've suffered less stress waiting for root canal work.

But, so far so good, and she let me have the good news before the Christmas holidays, too, which means I can relax over the mince pies and the seasonal grog.

The next stage is that the manuscript is scooted off to the copy-editor who'll go over it with a fine tooth comb looking for all my cock-ups, which are probably beyond number. They'll include everything from spelling and grammar mistakes, words and phrases I've repeated a little too often, vocabulary that might seem out of period, historical inaccuracies - yep, she's that good - and odd snippits of film dialogue and song lyrics that I always try and sneak past her when I think she's not looking.

So that's the story so far. No sign of cover art as yet. It's a wee bit too early for that.

Soon as we've got that sorted, though, I'll add it to the Home page.

To be, as they say, continued...