• James McGee

Horse's arse overturns ban on elephant heads...

Just when you though the Orange One had sunk to an all time low, he straps on his lead boots and his extra weight belt and hurls himself into the briny in an attempt to prove that he can descend to even greater depths of spitefulness and stupidity.

In case you're wondering what I'm on about, it's in reference to the article in the Washington Post, which has been taken up by other news media outlets. It concerns the decision by POTUS - or as we refer to him in my neck of the woods: POSTULE - to lift the ban on importing elephant trophies into the USA.

The Trump administration - or, as I like to call it, the cabal of misfits and shitweasels (I stole that from Carl Hiaasen) - is now allowing the remains of elephants legally hunted in Zimbabwe and Zambia to be imported to the United States as trophies. This, while officials are signalling they will expand efforts to promote trophy hunting as a form of conservation.

Ah, that old chestnut. In other words, the large sums paid for permits to hunt the animals can actually help them by putting much-needed revenue back into conservation work.

This shift in U.S. policy (for that read; I am determined to overturn every decision Barack Obama ever made) comes just days after Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke established an International Wildlife Conservation Council to advise him on how to increase Americans’ public awareness of conservation, wildlife enforcement and the 'economic benefits that result from U.S. citizens traveling abroad to hunt.'

'U.S. citizens traveling abroad to hunt.' Now, there's a sentence that trips neatly off the tongue. And d'you know who's going to be especially pleased with this reversal?

From The Sun:

'Donald Trump's sons Eric and Donald Jnr are known to enjoy big game hunting trips to Africa. The pair caused outrage parading exotic animal trophies in photographs which surfaced several years ago. In one Don Jnr held up a severed elephant's tail with a knife in his other hand.'

What a prince...just like dear old Dad.

Now, it's clear there are inevitably times when it becomes necessary to cull the herd. I can see sound reasoning when it involves injury, disease or too many animals in an area that is unable to sustain vast numbers and when an animal goes rogue and it's necessary to dispatch it humanely.

Where I have trouble is in trying to understand the mentality of 'hunters', who, for kicks and in a preposterous attempt to appear heroic, have their photo taken with the beast they've just killed, their rifle in hand and a beaming smile on their face, having bravely taken their shot from either the safety of a hide or crouched behind a tree or cowering behind the shoulder of their local tracker.

As if that wasn't bad enough, they then compound the offence by having the animal's head cut off so that they can ship it home to their cosy den where they mount the stuffed remains on their bloody wall alongside photos of their adoring family and their flat screen TV.

That's not heroic. That's pathetic.