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And there he was, gone...

Who was that masked man..?

Answer: Edwin Poots, Leader of the DUP - the Diplodoc, sorry, the Democratic Unionist Party - (temp), who has, er...pootled off after only three weeks in the job, which has to be some

sort of record. Seems his party wasn't too chuffed with the deal he pulled with

Sinn Féin in order to get his protégé and fellow creationist, Paul Givan, appointed

as Northern Ireland's First Minister.

I pen this 'cos it was only back in May that I mentioned that Poots had been elected,

otherwise I wouldn't be bothering with this entry. Not that I've anything against creationists, you understand, other than the fact that they're obviously as barmy as a sackful of frogs.

So while Givan is still in his job, is it fair to say that Poots' tenure wasn't a...given?

OK, I apologize. No need to write in...


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