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November 1, 2018


Smashing interview on the Radio 4 show, The Life Scientific, a few days ago. The host, Jim Al-Khalili, was in conversation with one of my heroes, Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, the founder of the Guildford-based veterinary practice, Fitzpatrick Referrals, but probably more widely known as The Supervet from the Channel 4 programme of the same name.


Not gonna replay the contents of the interview here, but if you are an admirer of the man in question, here's the link:


I'd also recommend the You Tube video of the inspirational talk Professor Fitzpatrick did at the Hay-on-Wye literary festival. He presented the talk last year but this is from his 2016 lecture. It's terrific.


Click on the image above to take a look.










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