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The elephant in the room...

The grainy shot on the left is taken from a new book by Brooklyn Beckham, What I See, published by Random House.

It is advertised as 'Unique, authentic and stylish'.

The book, which contains 300 images, was launched with an exhibition in partnership with Polo Ralph Lauren at Christie’s in New Bond Street, London a couple of days ago. The exhibition will run until 7 July before moving to Los Angeles in August.

The photograph prompted the following article heading in the Daily Telegraph:

'How hard is it to take a picture of an elephant?'

The comments on social media ranged from the hilarious to the vitriolic.

GQ magazine, on the other hand, has called the book 'Brilliant' and an 'intriguing insight into one of the most famous families in the world. He should ignore the snide critics. At just 18 Brooklyn Beckham is very young for a published photographer and he should be proud of this book.'

All I would add is the following:

It's not that difficult....

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