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I say, Holmes..!

I can guess what you're thinking: oh, no, not Sherlock Holmes again...

Well, yes, but this time with a twist.

Now, I can't for the life of me remember where I found out about this, which is a mystery in itself. Could be I was having one of those senior moments...

Any road, as a long-time Holmes' fan - I still have the paperback collection I bought during my school days - and having seen the updated versions on the box - Sherlock and Elementary - and the two Guy Ritchie films, I was drawn to this by the cover illustration and what appeared to be a Victorian version of Iron Man.

What I got - and enjoyed hugely - was the Baker Street sleuth meets steampunk.

Say, what?

Yep, you heard, which means that Holmes' purists will loathe it with every fibre of their being.

But who cares, when a book is this entertaining?

The author, James Lovegrove, is clearly steeped in Holmes lore and his enthusiasm for his two heroes (one mustn't forget the intrepid John H Watson MD, of course) shines out as the plot progresses from the opening bomb attack at Waterloo Station to the final denouement and a climax that could have been taken from any of the Transformer films or the Doctor Who Christmas special The Next Doctor , when the Cyberking rises out of the Thames and terrorizes London.

I know, the plot really is as off-the-wall as that sounds.

It's part of a series from Titan Books, featuring a bunch of new Holmes' adventures penned by a group of writers.

Worth a gander if you're looking for a fun read.

Here are a few of the titles:

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