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My two pennies' worth...

With all that's transpired on the world stage these past few weeks and following on from The Trumpster's antics at the G7 and the NATO meetings, his interview with The Sun and the Blessed Theresa's inability to come to any sort of meaningful agreement with the bozos in Brussels over the UK's exit from the EU, I thought now might be a good time to show them the true meaning of the phrase: international cooperation.

It's this:

No fanfares, no marching bands, no fly-pasts, no histrionics, no playing to the gallery, no petty, personal insults, no sulking or pouting, no glad-handing before launching a pre-emptive stab in the back; just sheer bloody grit, dogged determination, phenomenal bravery and self sacrifice showing the power of the human spirit and the will to never give in when all seems lost.

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