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A date for the diary....

Got a call from my sis last week. She told me not to make any plans for October 9th, as I would be heading to Topping & Co's bookshop in Bath.

Not having any idea why, I scooted over to Topping's website, scrolled down their events listing to the aforementioned date, and thought: whoopee!

Little Steven, he of the blessed E Street Band (or as the Boss would say when he calls him to the mike: Steevieee!) and The Disciples of Soul, has written his autobiography - Unrequited Infatuations - publishing date: 28th September - and will be visiting in Bath to sign copies.

That's my early Christmas/late birthday present sorted.

And as if that wasn't enough, following on from their podcast back in February, Bruce and his pal, President Barack Obama, will be releasing their own book Renegades: Born in the USA on 26th October. Double Whammy....!

I wouldn't normally say this, but roll on Autumn...!


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