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At last, some good news: a return to normality! Chalke Valley History Festival - 20th to 26th June.

Make a note in the diary, folks. If you haven't attended the festival before, you've been missing out big time, on a host of events, from talks to brilliant re-enactments. Oh, and some great food as well (no franchises allowed!).

There'll be some well-known guest speakers, chatting about such diverse subjects as diplomacy, espionage, adventurers, and special operations (military, not medical; well, probably).

Here are just a few of the folk who will be along to entertain you:

Max Hastings, Sam Willis, Alison Weir, Michael Wood, Philippa Gregory, Dan Snow. Ian Hislop, Tessa Dunlop, Matt Frei, Chris Patten, Sarah Churchwell, Daisy Dunn, Dan Jones, Emma Soames, Sebastian Faulks, Nicole Schmidt, plus a gazillion others, including my old boss, James Heneage, co-founder of the festival.

There'll be an old fashioned funfair, a sword school and an old favourite: a replica First World War trench. And this guy, demonstrating the art of the samurai. I mean, come on, who doesn't want to see that?

There's live music every night, comedy panel shows, and even Restoration-era horse racing, whatever the heck that is, plus late-evening story telling down by the fire pit. I've no idea if marshmallows are included.

If you wanna take a look at the programme, hit this link:

(Images courtesy of CVHF website)


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