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Another legend taken from us.

I don't have too many heroes, if I'm being honest, but Jimmy Greaves was definitely one of them. Back in my schoolboy days, you identified closely with your favourite soccer team, as youngsters do now, obviously. From memory, among my classmates, you tended to be either a Man United fan and you thought Denis Law or Georgie Best were the greatest, or you supported Tottenham and modelled yourself on Jimmy Greaves.

But, irrespective of our loyalties, we all used to buy Charles Buchan's Football Monthly magazine, cut out the photos of our favourite players and Blu Tack them to the wall beneath the Airfix Spitfires that we used to hang from the ceiling by bits of fishing line. Ah happy days.

We used to collect programmes and postcards, too, bought in bundles through the mag's advertising pages. I was at school in Germany at the time. I was around 15 when I sent off a photo of JG to Tottenham, asking him to sign it for me. A few weeks later it was returned, duly autographed.

I still have it.

Thanks Jimmy...


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