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Hero and Zero...

Captain Tom Moore, Royal Armoured Corps, veteran of the Burma Campaign in WW2.

Aged 99, he decided to try and raise £1000 for the National Health Service to thank the

staff for the treatment he received for cancer and his hip replacement. He planned to

do it by his 100th birthday - April 30th - by completing 100 laps of his

garden - 10 laps per day - with the aid of his walking frame.

As of this morning he has raised in excess of £21,000,000.

In complete contrast to:

Captain Bone Spurs, the great 'Wartime Leader', who, with a stroke of his pen, reduced the staffing numbers and cut the budget for the USA's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and suspended America's funding to the World Health Organization to the tune of $400 million because he didn't like the way they handled the coronavirus outbreak.

This from the man who called it a hoax.

What a prince.


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