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'House' didn't bring, house down...

'House' being the stage name of Chinese stand-up comedian (yes, they really do exist), Li Haoshi, a member of the Shanghai Xiaoguo Culture Media Co comedy troupe, who fell foul of the authorities when he alluded to two dogs he'd adopted that had set off after a squirrel. The gag included House saying that the dogs reminded him of the slogan 'Fight to win, forge exemplary conduct'.

Nope, I didn't think that was funny either. Unfortunately, neither did several members of his audience who shopped him to the powers-that-be on account of the punchline being part of the slogan that China's President Xi Jinping unveiled in 2013 as a goal for the Chinese military.

Now, I have no idea what 'massive faux pas' translates to in Mandarin, but poor old House made one. As the Beijing arm of China's Ministry of Culture and Tourism Bureau put it: "We will never allow any company or individual to use the Chinese capital as a stage to wantonly slander the glorious image of the PLA [People's Liberation Army],".

Result? The company was slapped with a 14.7m yuan (£1.7m) fine and poor old House was given, marching orders.

This never happened to Jimmy Carr....

Oh, and the image above? Look, I can't help it if China's glorious leader and self-promoted President for Life has been compared to Winnie the Pooh...but, if the man can't take a joke.....


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