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JC Part Deux...

Would you believe it? Just started reading The World According To... - Vol 2 , and after my recent post where I said that Jeremy Clarkson could predict the future I came upon this, in a chapter dated July 25th 2004:

Hoon's thinned red line is facing the wrong way .

In which he has a good old rant against the then Defence Secretary, Geoff Hoon ('How did we end up with a Defence Secretary called Geoff' - JC), and his decision to make drastic cuts to the UK's defence budget, with the result we'll likely have to rely on the USA to provide protection, in particular: air cover.

But then, JC wonders what'll happen if America 'one day elects a president with an IQ of 92 who decides to pick a fight with some large and fairly harmless state in the Middle East?'

Right, that settles it, bring forth the ducking stool..!


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