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Now that's over, how's about looking ahead...?

With the bloody virus still with us and apparently mutating faster than you can say, well, just about anything, and with no idea if or when lockdown is ever gonna end, I took a gander at my Amazon wish list and the Waterstone's site for books I'm looking forward to reading.

Well, with libraries having closed again, I'm reduced to paying for my reading matter. No matter, there's always room on the shelf for a few more.

Here are a few I've got my eye on, in no particular order of preference, as some of them have already been published. It's just that I haven't gotten around to reading them yet (A Promised Land is 700 odd pages, f'r Pete's sake. Give us a chance, I'm still slogging away at my latest effort!). Others are due out in a month or so.

This one I've saved until last as it's the novel we fans have been waiting for.


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