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Oh, boy, is this gonna p*ss off the Grauniad...!

'It’s his total contempt for farming that makes this such a grim harvest.'

Lucy Mangan - Guardian TV Review 11th June 2021

So wrote Lucy Mangan in her scathing review of Clarkson's Farm earlier this year, proving that she probably hadn't even watched the show, such is her contempt for the presenter. Well, you got your pun in, Lucy, but that's about all.

So she must have been absolutely livid when it was announced at the Farmer's Weekly Awards last week, that her arch nemesis, Jeremy Clarkson, had been awarded 'Farming Champion of The Year 2021' after farmers praised the show for being 'accurate, powerful, and entertaining'.

Tch, farmers, eh? What do they know..?

Well, a hell of a lot more than the Guardian's TV reviewer, it would appear....


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