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Whaddya do with 520,000 discarded flip flops..?

Ask Ocean Sole. They came up with an idea....

Hadn't heard of this before, but last night ITV News ran a segment devoted to this brilliant organization.

Ocean Sole's a collection of amazing artists who transform discarded flip flops into fantastic works of art. Their aim is to create awareness in to how plastic waste affects our oceans and marine life.

It's reckoned that an average of 13,000 pieces of plastic and synthetic materials (flip-flops) are floating on every square kilometre of ocean. Since 1998, Ocean Sole has cleaned up more than 1,000 tonnes of flip-flops from the ocean and waterways.

But this isn't just about turning out a wonderful piece of art. It's a project that supports hundreds of low income Kenyans in the social enterprise and extended supply chain, with 10% of sales being donated to marine conservation.

Last year Ocean Sole moved to an art and cultural village and started working with UNEP, UNESCO, UNDP and UNIC on a three year mission to focus on conservation entrepreneurship and supporting local Kenyans with recycling programmes.

If you wanna check out their website and see their creations click on the link below:


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