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You couldn't make this sh*t up....

For sale at auction: Hitler's Lavatory Seat - One Careless Owner.

So, not one of your bog-standard toilet seats, then, but a one (and a number two) off.

Yep, supposedly the seat was er, loo-ted from Der Führer's private bathroom in the Berghof, his mountain hideaway in the Bavarian Alps, after the place had been damaged by Allied bombing raids in the latter days of World War II. Apparently, senior American officers told the troops who occupied the place to 'get what you want'. So while his mates collared all the trinkets, one Sergeant Ragnvald Borch headed for the smallest room in the haus. When he got his trophy home he hung it up in his basement. His family has decided this is a good time to sell and the thing's expected to fetch between £10,000 and £15,000.

Proving, if nothing else, that old adage: where there's mück there's brass.


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