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Chalke Valley History Festival 2018

June 25th - July 1st

Yep, it's coming up to the end of June so that means it's festival time again.

Time to dig out those summer togs and wend your way towards the wonderful setting that is Broad Chalke in beautiful Wiltshire for another glorious week of fascinating talks, exciting re-enactments, great food and drink (no fast-food outlets involved) and more living historians and engaging speakers than you can shake a stick at.

From the French Revolution and WW1 trench warfare to gladiators, the crusades, medieval sieges, Tudor gunnery, historical surgery, archaeology and air displays featuring an Avro Lancaster and a B-17 Flying Fortress, there's bound to be something for everyone.

As the weather is set to be fantastic, it'll be a brilliant day out. Here is just a tiny fraction of the speakers due to regale you:

James Holland,

Hugo Vickers

Kate Mosse

James Heneage

Sarah Churchwell

Simon Schama

Helen Castor

Charlotte Higgins

John Nichol

Dan Jones

Tracy Borman

Robert Peston

Paul Whitehouse

Al Murray

Dan Snow

Matthew Neale

Selina Brace

Rebecca Fraser

Charles Spencer

Simon Willis

Lindsey Fitzharris

There are loads more.

If you click on the programme image above that'll take you to the festival website where you can really see what's on offer and book tickets.

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