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And talking of festivals....

As you might have gleaned from my bio and the occasional blog entry you'll know I'm a massive Springsteen fan, so when I chanced upon this You Tube vid a couple of days ago I just had to give it a plug.

Last July (2017), in small Catalan village called Vilanova del Bellpuig, a very special festival was held. The No Surrender Festival, where over 1000 musicians (1004, to be exact) gathered to play and sing along to The Boss's hit No Surrender.

Bringing over a thousand musicians together in one place - drummers, guitarists, bass and keyboard players, as well as singers - was no easy task. The town (pop 1200), located more than an hour and a half from Barcelona, made it seem nearly impossible. But God bless 'em, people came not only from the local area but from every corner of Spain as well as countries overseas.

The performers - amateurs as well as pros, including children and grown-ups - started arriving at 7 am, with the first rehearsal at 11 am. In the afternoon all the instruments were recorded separately and at 7 pm everyone played the song together and recorded a music video.

And it's bloody brilliant.

If you're a Boss fan I guarantee you will love it. If you're having a really, really crappy day it's the best pick-me-up you could wish for, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if a tear comes to your eye as you watch it.

Click on the album cover and that'll take you to the You Tube link.

Trust me, you will not be disappointed and if you have a good sound system turn the speakers up to 11 and open all your windows.

And screw the neighbours...!

Stop Press:

Such was the success of the festival that they organized another gig this year at the end of June. This time they covered Badlands, which will have been awesome. No video yet, as far as I can see, but soon as it shows I'll add a link....

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