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And the award goes to.....

It was the 2024 British British Book Awards the other evening and

Rory Stewart's memoir won the Non-fiction Narrative award.

Happy to say it was one of my favourite books of last year and a cracking read.

And talking of awards, another memoir I'd highly recommend as one of my

favourite books from this year (so far) is Hits, Flops, And Other Illusions

by the Academy Award and Emmy Award winning director Ed Zwick.

While the name might not be familiar to non-film buffs, Zwick has directed

a slew of great films, among them Blood Diamond with Leonardo DiCaprio, Legends of the Fall with Brad Pitt, Glory with Denzel Washington and The Last Samurai with Tom Cruise.

For those of us from a certain generation, he was also the creator of

the TV series Thirtysomething., which was a must-watch in the early '90s,

which really does date me, alas.

It's another, hugely entertaining look-back, with Zwick recalling his 'Forty Something Years

in Hollywood'. Informative, often funny and self-deprecating, it's a great read.


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